Salaar Kohari
Student at the University of Pennsylvania


My primary areas of expertise.

Full-stack Developer

Experienced with programming on the front-end in HTML5/CSS and JavaScript as well as object-oriented languages on the back-end. Worked with PHP/MySQL databases and UNIX machines.

Game Developer

Programmed many 2D and 3D games in C++, Java, C#, ActionScript, and jQuery using tools such as Unreal Engine, Unity, Adobe Flash, Qt Creator, Eclipse, Maya, and Blender.

Web/Graphic Designer

Created websites for several projects including this one. Worked on the design for other projects as well. Familiar with 3d modelling and animation (keyframing and motion capture).


Looking for experience in these fields.

Artificial Intelligence

Fascinated by automated processes such as machine learning and natural language processing. Taken coursework to support practical and philosophical topics of AI.

Data Science

Interested in big data and the processing behind it. Proficient in databases/information systems, statistical analysis, and probability theory.

Game Development

Always looking for ways to create unique in-game experiences. Experienced with different genres, styles, engines, and languages.


Recent Ongoing and Completed Projects.


Unreal Engine Game

Mighty Weapon

HoloLens Game


Social Network

Forbidden Tomb

Unreal Engine Game

Olympic Trials

Data-based Game

Block Adventure

C++ Game

Lane Wars

Android Game


Web App


jQuery Engine

Hand in Hand

Social/Health App