PlayStation, CAGE Studios, Bloomberg
Salaar Kohari
MSE, Computer Graphics and Game Technology
University of Pennsylvania (December 2018)


Recent ongoing and completed projects.

Game Development

Computer Graphics

Other Projects

  • Skills

    My primary areas of expertise.

    Game Development

    AAA industry experience with gameplay systems including technical animation, AI behavior trees, and combat interactions. Lead programmer for CAGE Studios' game Sail and Sacrifice. Programmed games of various genres in C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and ActionScript using tools including Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya, and Visual Studio.

    Full-stack Development

    Experienced with front-end programming in HTML5/CSS and JavaScript along with back-end web frameworks such as Django and NodeJS. Worked with large code bases, databases, and many coding languages. Two summers of software engineering experience at Bloomberg creating full-stack programs including a futures market exchange simulator.

    Computer Graphics

    Experienced with 3D special effects and animation programs such as Maya, Houdini, Substance Designer, and MotionBuilder. Created a variety of procedural shader programs and renderers (WebGL and OpenGL) with live demos viewable in portfolio. Designed websites for several projects including the CAGE Studios website and this one.